Svjetlana Despot
Svjetlana is a founder and creative director of Datadecor dizajn centar, a company that designs and produces various textile objects. Also, in partnership with Tatjana Baković – Kukoč, she has founded a separate interior and product design studio. Svjetlana has designed numerous apartments and offices, furniture pieces and carpets for Croatian industry and 14 collections for her own brand DATA. Svjetlana is a prolific author, whose main interest lies in research of surface structures, and reinvention of traditional craftwork through modern processes and materials. 

Svjetlana is a member of Croatian Designers Association.

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The cover of Wave taboret, a part of Svjetlana’s felt collection,  is made of  high quality merino felt.  The intricate surface structure gives a new identity to the thick, monochromatic material. The “felt waves” are hand sewn.


The Hula hula chair cover is quite unexpected: the chair is dressed up in hand woven stockings (hose). More precisely, for this project Svjetlana uses new but recycled stockings which did not pass the factory quality control. The new material is an intriguing blend of contemporary resources and old techniques and concept itself proposes new solutions to longevity of discarded objects - be it a chair or its new skin.

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