Filip Gordon Frank
After receiving his BA at Zagreb School of design, Filip went on to achieve his Master’s degree at Politecnico di Milano in 2006. An ambitious and agile designer, Filip has exhibited in several Croatian and international shows, and participated in a number of workshops and international competitions. He works as an interior and product designer. Filip’s designs are marked by his research of clean, minimalistic, continuous forms.  His work has been published in various annuals, books and professional magazines at home and abroad.  

Filip is a member of Croatian Designers Association and Association for Industrial Design at Centre for Design, Croatian Chamber of Economy.

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This little table lamp, designer’s vision of “simplest lamp possible”, is made in powder coated steel. Deceitfully simplistic form hides well executed details – particularly in handling of the cable and connections between parts.

T.T.M. TABLE, 2009

T.T.M. is a kitchen table made of 10 mm aluminum board. Initially, it was designed as an integral part of “Sudar” kitchen (a private client project). The table design was inspired by the Moebius strip and is an extension of the designer’s research on continuous forms.

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