GRUPA (Filip Despot, Tihana Gotovuša, Ivana Pavić)
Grupa design studio was founded in Zagreb in 2006 by Filip Despot, Tihana Gotovuša and Ivana Pavić. The trio has achieved their Master’s degrees in Product Design from the Zagreb School of Design in 2005. They practice product, exhibition and set design. The Grupa has participated in a number of established Croatian and international exhibitions. Their product design projects have received several awards and have been included in various relevant professional magazines and annuals. The Grupa’s product design projects are playful and functional at the same time. While having a clearly utilitarian goal, the Grupa cultivates an insightful approach to projects, exploring the possible purposes, typologies and materials.  

Filip, Tihana and Ivana are members of Croatian Designers Association and Association for Industrial Design at Centre for Design, Croatian Chamber of Economy.

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The Model is a floor lamp constructed by bending plastic-coated steel rods. Its minimalistic, reduced silhouette promotes the light bulb as the star, while the cable becomes the only colorful accent in otherwise monochromatic object.
The series of light fixtures Model were designed for Reaktor’s workshop in 2010.


The surfaces of Pilot pillows were inspired by origami patterns. The design process blends the traditional techniques of tailoring and sewing with contemporary materials.  Made of waterproof material Tyvek, pillows are ideal for outdoor use. The upper surface can be more or less perforated, as required.
The pillows Pilot were designed for Reaktor’s workshop in 2010.  


Multifunctional clothes stand for, well, everything (coats, shirts, bags, etc). Ethereal and minimalistic - almost a line-sketch - the hanger easily fits in any interior or exterior. The Figura is made of plastic-coated steel rods and is available in black or white.

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