Ksenija Jurinec
After receiving her Master’s degree at Zagreb School of Design in 1996, Ksenija has founded a design studio for interior, product and graphic design. Her main line of work focuses on projects for private investors although she has also initiated production of several of her own designs, including the pendant light Kumuli.  She participated in a number of established Croatian and international exhibitions. Her product design projects have received several international awards and have been included in various domestic and international professional books and annuals.  

Ksenija is a member of Croatian Designers Association and Association for Industrial Design at Centre for Design, Croatian Chamber of Economy.

(more info: www.coroflot.com/kjurinec)


Quite appropriately, Kumuli pendant light takes its name after a downy, white cumulus cloud: the focal point of design is its associative, fluffy shade.  The design of the light is simple and functional: the washable cotton shade is threaded onto a wire hoop suspended on slender cords. The diameter of the shade and the height of the light are adjustable.
The pendant light Kumuli took part in Reaktor’s presentation in 2010.

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