Redesign (Neven and Sanja Kovačić)
Redesign is a design studio founded by Neven and Sanja Kovačić. Redesign focuses mainly on product design projects and is particularly interested in natural esthetics and logics, sustainable design and research of mathematical structures and simple algorithms.  Neven and Sanja actively collaborate with Croatian innovators and industry and, from time to time, they initiate their own product design projects. Neven and Sanja have received several domestic and international design awards and their work has been published in Croatian and international annuals.  

Neven and Sanja are members of Croatian Designers Association and Association for Industrial Design at Centre for Design, Croatian Chamber of Economy.

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As the name suggests, the Cut-out shelf was born by cutting out a single panel on a CNC milling machine. The designers’ continuous dedication to sustainable, ecologically sound design is obvious in this project as well. The production requires the least material waste possible. The shelf can be assembled without tools or fittings. The flat-pack principle provides easy transport and guarantees minimal ecological footprint. Shelves can be lined up resulting in a rhythmical structure.  The Cut-out can be fixed to a wall or function as a freestanding room divider.
The shelf Cut-out was designed for Reaktor’s workshop in 2010.

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